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Hi, I’m Diane - mum of two, foodie, cat enthusiast and disco lover.

For me yoga is more about how it feels and less about how it looks. I aim to help students find the balance between effort and ease and encourage a sense of personal enquiry. My style of yoga is Hatha flow, with a focus on breath-led movement and alignment.

Lazy Cat Yoga classes are for all levels, aiming to help you create space and connection both on and off the mat. We start with a gentle warm up and grounding, followed by some creative standing and seated sequences, finishing with relaxation and pranayama.

I hold a 200-hour teacher training diploma from Yogacampus London, accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. The 16-month programme is known for its non-dogmatic and authentic approach; drawing in experts from different fields of yoga including anatomy, physiology and philosophy to name but a few. As a result, I have a solid grounding of practical asana training but equally a thorough understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the yoga tradition and its relevance to modern life and practice.

I think life is about enjoying the good things, surrounding yourself with loved ones and things that make you happy. Taking time to look after yourself both physically and mentally, feeding your soul and learning to love your body is my motto. I’ve always loved dancing and have tried every exercise fad over the years.

My relationship with yoga can be described as a bit of a slow-burn; after a brief flirtation during my University years and dabbling in classes periodically, I had written off yoga as ‘not for me’. Then about 5 years ago, I started practicing yoga regularly and something clicked - it was the missing link at the right time. The more I practised yoga, the more I relished the focus on the breath and the connection between my body and mind. I learned the magic of controlled deep breathing which helped to cancel out the distractions of everyday life and provided a sense of calm and contentment I hadn’t experienced before.

Practising yoga has given me perspective on problems and helped me manage stressful situations which I think is an important tool for today’s pressured world. Controlled deep breathing is a secret everybody should learn!

So, if you think yoga isn’t for you, perhaps you just haven’t tried the right yoga yet? Come find your happy with me on the mat!

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